How To Protect Yourself When Doing Online Shopping?

E-Commerce is witnessing a great incline recently. People worldwide are encouraged to opt for online shopping to stay safe from the coronavirus. Many shops may still be closed at this end of the year because of COVID-19; you can buy your gifts online and get everything delivered at your doorstep. Staying at home and doing your shopping via online platforms is advantageous, considering the incentives you may receive from different websites. However, one main drawback of doing online shopping is that you are exposing yourself to hackers.

Tips To Protect Yourself When Doing Online Shopping

Strong password
To do online shopping on any platform, you are required to create your profile on that particular website. It is crucial to set a solid password for your profile. Never forget that your profile contains confidential information and even your banking details. A strong password is the first security. It is advisable to use a password of at least seven characters, including capital letters, numbers, and special symbols. 

Reputed Stores
Many online stores are emerging on the net. To attract customers, websites are offering unbelievable discounts and incentives. Nevertheless, it is imperative that you shop only from reputed stores to stay secure.

Credit card
The purpose of a credit card is to perform online shopping. Since a debit card is connected to your savings account, it is wise to use a credit card for your online shopping. As such, you will still not lose all your money in case of any disaster.


One way to know if a website is secured is to look at the left of the search bar to see if there is a lock. The presence of the lock indicates that a website is safe for transactions. You may even click on the lock to find out more details.

Final Tips
Online shopping is of great help as you don’t need to move from shops to shops to look for your item. But it is imperative to protect yourself when doing online shopping.