What is big data and why it matters?

The topic of Big Data is enormous and often complicated for obvious reasons. However, people should know that data is increasing daily and without finding an avenue to retrieve and save it, it will go out of hand. Learning how data works and how you can use this data positively will aid in several ways. Today, we will look at what Big Data entails and why it matters in every aspect.

What is Big Data and what are its Features?

Big Data means an incredible form of data that can be structured, non-structured, and semi-structured. This huge data increases every day and helps businesses to make better decisions. However, how to save, modify, and access this huge information is a tough task which people engage in daily. Big data has characteristics like:


Businesses acquired information from various sources, which includes financial transactions, (IoT) machines, industrial types of machinery, videos, online network, and many more. Keeping such huge data would have brought about complications. However, affordable storage on data outlets that include; data lakes, Amazon reviews and Hadoop have reduced data problems.


With the rise in the development of IoT, information flows into various business operations at an unassailable speed and should be handled quickly and smartly. RFID tags, sensors, and intelligent meters are at the forefront of confronting these inflows of big data.


Data is in various categories; it could be structured, non-structured text files, emails, visual presentations, audios, stock ticker data, and business transactions.


Data has always been complex because it moves in a fuzzy way. Data flows remain unpredictable—changing form regularly and in great forms. This poses a great challenge to experts, however, businesses must always be informed of any trendy issues in social media, and how to cope with the torrents and control them especially during peak times.

Why does Big Data matter?

A firm’s data is known as the most important asset in their arsenal. Any business that fails to cherish data will likely face huge challenges in the future. Big data matters because of the following reasons:

Better Service Delivery

Gone are the days of surveys and polls to determine what customers think and want. These days, the use of sentimental analytics has made reviews and feedback from customers reach businesses in quick time. Quality tools like Klout and quick hoot made social listening a reliable avenue to get people’s responses fast.

Comparative Analytics

Firms now have the chance to compare their prices, services, and goods with their rivals knowing where to improve to get more customers. These firms use metric coding to gage how they are doing in comparison with their competitors.

Marketing Analysis Strategy

Companies now find it easier to promote and advertise their goods to more people in innovative ways. With the introduction of tools like predictive modeling and marketing evolution, firms can now do advertising analytics to get what customer needs.

Customer Targeting

With the resource of Big Data analytics, businesses can use social media to discuss any topic, based on a plethora of sources. Good example is when a firm wants to target a category of people for their promotions let’s say a university wants to promote scholarships, Big Data allows you to do that.

Big data Education, What you Should Know

Big data is one of the most sorts of disciplines to learn at this time. This is because of the relevance of big data education in today’s world. Patronizing good coding and affordable worldwide coding schools like Le Wegon will help you learn about big data courses like Big Data integration, machine learning, Python, data mining, and analytics. To know more about their courses offered, visit https://www.lewagon.com/data-science-course/full-time today.

Why you should study Big Data at Le Wegon?

  • Increase your salary

Big data education is important as it will make you get a better wage. Coding certifications are appreciated by top firms like Facebook and Google and eBay.

  • Get Better Job Opportunities

Learning big data courses lets you stand a better chance of getting well-paid jobs. There are many companies seeking individuals with big data skills to increase their presence online.

  • Enhance your skill

Humans generally need to improve themselves to be able to adapt to the ever-dynamic nature the world is heading towards.

This post has talked about big data and why it matters in today’s business operations.